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The Perfect White T-Shirt

The perfect white t, the corner stone of so many “cool girl” outfits. It is of a heavy dry feel cotton, boxy and slightly oversized with a bit of a crop. Why is this so elusive a find? Let me clarify, why is this so hard to find for under $50? They never seem to last long, no matter how expensive they are. I always manage to drop some ketchup from my veggie burger right down the front. The one time I did splurge on a t-shirt and subsequently ruin it I was reduced to simultaneously dabbing tears from my eyes as I dabbed at the ketchup stain, true story. And then I found her! The perfect T that I can ruin all I want and even fall asleep in because it is only $25! Too good to be true? Did I mention it comes in so many cute colors? You can thank me later.

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