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The D.C. Travel Guide

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I was SHOCKED at how much I loved Washington D.C. I would never have picked the city as an ultimate vacay destination. I’m so glad I was proven wrong. My boyfriend grew up in D.C. so I was lucky enough to have a local as my guide. Just such a clean, chic and beautiful town. I love that every street corner is full of history. We spent a full two days wandering around the museums. Here is my list of what to do, see and eat while in D.C. Happy vacationing!

Must See: Georgetown

The absolute cutest town in the world. As much as I love LA, if someone gave me the chance to move to Georgetown tomorrow I would have a hard time turning it down. Picture cobblestone streets, classic architecture from the 1800’s and great shopping. The houses are to die for, all painted in pastel. Such a dream! Pop over for lunch, or if your like me, totally switch your hotel so you can spend all your time in Georgetown lol

Must Do: Natural Museum of Natural History

We loved this museum so much we went two times! Don’t miss the exhibit on the Hope diamond. Really cool to see the famous gem in person. They also feature famous jewelry from history including earrings from Marie Antoinette. I just think there is something so poetic about Marie’s earrings ending up all these years later in the same place as her husbands diamond!

Must Eat: Lauriol Plaza

Yummy Mexican food that totally hits the spot. Fun and lively scene. We got in right away on a Friday night with no reservation, not because it was not busy, but because the place is massive. Three stories of guacamole and quesadillas!

Must See: Ford’s Theatre

The legacy of Lincoln is alive and well in D.C. You can feel his and other historical figure’s presence almost everywhere you go. Ford’s Theatre was a humbling site to visit. Such a milestone in history and so well preserved. You can walk right up to the box where he was assassinated.

Must Do: Newseum

Such a cool museum. A little pricey at $20 a ticket but that just means there is less of a crowd. Shows the back story of famous news stories. There is a section about the C.I.A. that is amazing, we could have spent hours there. They also have an actual section of the Berlin wall which is amazing to see.

Must Do: The National Gallery of Art

Just a breathtaking scene. The most beautiful building I have ever been in. I have such an obsession with Renaissance art and they have a fine collection. Including a work by DaVinci himself! We loved strolling around the building taking in the priceless works.

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