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Pippin PSA: Sunscreen

This past year has been an eye opener for me in regards to sunscreen. I know it has been such a buzz word lately, but I still talk to friends all the time who are not using sunscreen ever day. The biggest hurdle I hear is how difficult it is to find a product people like to use and they forget because they don’t see any immediate benefits.

This Elta MD brand was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I absolutely love it. Goes on smooth and dries quickly, I also love that it has hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient so I use it instead of a moisturizer in the morning. I also love that it is a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical one, which is far superior. If you don’t buy this one, be sure to get a sunscreen that has zinc and titanium dioxide as active ingredients.

I’ve also found that in the past few months, my skin recovers much faster than it used to. Dark spots and red marks fade quickly when they are not fostered by damaging sun rays.

Don’t go another day without adding sunscreen into your routine, your skin will thank you. Shop my sunscreen here

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