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Beauty Must Have: Hot Rollers

Curls3curls2curls4Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.33.38 PMCurls7I honestly do not understand why more people don’t use hot rollers. Sure they look a little silly when they are all in. Maybe there are a bit of an antiquated beauty practice. But the results clear. They are unquestionably the best and easiest way to get massive volume and soft waves. Even after the curls fall at the end of the day, they make my blow out look good way longer. The hands free part is amazing as well. Just throw your hair in rollers and your go about your business; do you make up, pick your outfit, have a glass of wine (my preferred activity!)

I got my curlers from Sephora! I’ve tried a ton of different brands and this one is my favorite by far. Buy them here

~wait till the rollers are hot

~brush your hair out and separate it in to two sections

~start at the top of your head. separate a smaller section of hair and start with the roller at the bottom. Roll up and under as pictured above, securing the curler at the scalp with a clip. Continue doing so until you have 6 sections around your head.

~wait 10 to 15 minutes (depending on how curled you want it)

~Remove rollers and shake out your hair.

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