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Friday Night Movie Edit: Stealing Beauty

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Raise your hand if you would rather couch it tonight with a great movie over standing in line at a club? Me! After a long week all I want to do is Postmates a burrito and call it a day. Every Friday night I’ll suggest a great throwback move featuring a very stylish heroine.

For our first Friday Night Movie Edit, I bring you Stealing Beauty. This movie is definitely in my top ten fave movies of all time. Liv Tyler plays Lucy, a young girl coming of age during a Summer in the Italian country side. Full of picturesque scenes of Tuscan Villa they live. Tons of cute Italian boys to keep our heroine company. A heartbreaking tale of a poet, sick with cancer. This movie has everything. Also, I feel like if I could sum up my personal style into one movie this would be it. The perfect example of preppy 90’s. Floral maxi dresses, ditzy little minis and white collared shirts all paired with classic┬áKeds. So dreamy!

So pop open a bottle of sauvignon blanc, and make sure you don’t forget the extra guac! I hope you love this movie as much as I do


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