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Brand Obsessed: Brock Collection

I have a confession to make: I’m just not that in to runway. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for almost 1o years and obviously I stay up to date on whats happening in the sphere of fashion with a capital F. I just think it is so over the top. I am far more interested in an innate sense of style rather than what is walking down the runway at Dior. That being said, every so often a show comes around that takes my breath away. Last season it was Tibi, this season it’s Brock Collection. Everything from the romantically messy up do to the understated gladiator sandals paired with gowns. I watched the video from this show about 7 times. I could cry, I could laugh I just can’t with this. So vintage inspired, which you know I love.

Gonna go head to a flea market to try to find all the floral dresses okay byeeeee.

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